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A brand new guitar quartet was composed for the Danish Dance Theatre and the production "Ikaros". 
Full PDF-score and stems are available for 10 Euro/USD.
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Scores by Stefan Levin.
These score beneath are entirely free to download. If you like the music - 
a donation by your own choice is very welcome. 

I got inspired to write a series of six studies in an idiomatic style.
These first six etudes are clearly influenced by my first and gretaest inspiration for the modern classical guitar: Leo Brouwer’s ”Estudios Sencillos” nr 1-10..
My Etudes contains also references to Brouwer's other pieces that you will notice... 


If you like the pieces, feel free to share them with other guitarists.


Thanks for your message!

Study no 1-6

In 1990 I studied guitar and composition with Angelo Gilardino in Vercelli, Italy. He introduced me to the ”mechanical technique”. That had an crucial impact in my development as a guitarist. This collection of exercises I started to write after my study period, at a time when I also was teaching the classical guitar. I saw amazing progression among my pupils and now, 30 years later: here is the original manuscript containing the 80 exercises.

Some of the exercises:

In my youth I arranged some traditional music from Jämtland, Northern Sweden for solo guitar. The typical dance is called polska. Here is a collection of 16 polskas, printed in an era when dot matrix printer was hi-tech and the first notation programs had just appeared on the market. :)

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