Scores by Stefan Levin.
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I got inspired to write a series of six studies in an idiomatic style.
These first six etudes are clearly influenced by my first and gretaest inspiration for the modern classical guitar: Leo Brouwer’s ”Estudios Sencillos” nr 1-10..
My Etudes contains also references to Brouwer's other pieces that you will notice... 


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Study no 1-6

In 1990 I studied guitar and composition with Angelo Gilardino in Vercelli, Italy. He introduced me to the ”mechanical technique”. That had an crucial impact in my development as a guitarist. This collection of exercises I started to write after my study period, at a time when I also was teaching the classical guitar. I saw amazing progression among my pupils and now, 30 years later: here is the original manuscript containing the 80 exercises.


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Some of the exercises: