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"Written on Water" – Pontus Lidberg (2020)

Music for Pontus Lidberg´s Feature Film "Written on Water".
Starring Aurelie Dupont, Pontus Lidberg, Stina Ekblad, Leslie Caron

"Born to Struggle"– Nima Sarvestani (2020)

A documentary about a group of post-genocide Rohingya survivors who fight for the same goal: "dignity, identity and justice”.

Premiered 2020

"Drawing to a Close" – Pontus Lidberg (2020)

Commission from Guggenheim Work and Process:
Music by Stefan Levin & Angelo Lomelo

"Fragment Malmberget"– Alexander Rynéus, Per Bifrost (2020)

For the exhibition "Kiruna Forever" at ArkDes, Stockholm.

Earlier Productions 

"Giants and the Morning after" Fosfor Produktion

Motionpoems is a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

"X&Y – Anna Odell (2018)

"Afternoon Encounter" – Åsa Kalmér (2016)

"Stronger Than a Bullet" – Mayram Ebrahimi

"Prison Sisters" – Nima Sarvestani

"The Reunion" – Anna Odell

Music by SISTER (Levin/Bucchieri/Maksic)

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