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Stefan Levin Film music

Giovanni Bucchieri, French Quarter Film. "100 seasons"

Alexander Rynéus


Stefan Levin Netflix

"Giants and the morning after" now at Netflix, Europe

Stefan Levin Documentary film

"The Escape from Myanmar"– Nima Sarvestani (2021)

A documentary about a group of post-genocide Rohingya survivors who fight for the same goal: "dignity, identity and justice”.

Swedish viewrs can watch the movie through SVT-play. 
Link on cover.

Written on Water Poster.jpg

"Written on Water" – Pontus Lidberg

10/7 2021. Opens the Cannes Art Film Festival

17/7 2021. Screening on Dance on Camera, New York.

Music for Pontus Lidberg´s Feature Film "Written on Water".
Starring Aurelie Dupont, Pontus Lidberg, Stina Ekblad, Leslie Caron
Full album is out on the streaming services.

Premiered 2020

"Drawing to a Close" – Pontus Lidberg (2020)

Commission from Guggenheim Work and Process:
Music by Stefan Levin & Angelo Lomelo

"Fragment Malmberget"– Alexander Rynéus, Per Bifrost (2020)

For the exhibition "Kiruna Forever" at ArkDes, Stockholm.

Anna Odell Gothenburg Filmfestival (2020)

"Afternoon Encounter" – Åsa Kalmér (2016)

Music by SISTER (Levin/Bucchieri/Maksic)

"Giants and the Morning after" Fosfor Produktion

Earlier Productions 

"Stronger Than a Bullet" – Mayram Ebrahimi

"The Reunion" – Anna Odell

"Prison Sisters" – Nima Sarvestani

Motionpoems is a 501c3 nonprofit arts organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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