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Golden Folder concept

In order to provide film producers and editors with thematic original music for films and TV-series the swedish composer Stefan Levin has created a new complete concept: ”The Golden folder”. As a starting point Levin first choosed to compose brand new original music in these genres: Thriller/True Crime, Sci-fi, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Dark Drama, Documentary.

Every Series contains a Vignette (45 sec-1.15) and 10-15 Original tunes in different moods - written with an overall thematic idea.
Extracted from these songs Levin has added 16-24 longer Soundscapes, processed versions of the original songs (perfect as ”glue” or as backgrounds.)


The package also contains 16 tracks of pulses/rhythms that could be mixed with the soundscapes to make the story/scene move on forwards in more distinct way.
The concept is simple: Levin has all the masterfiles and can quickly change and design the exact lenghts, forms and stems after your needs, in the way that suits your film best.

All songs are available through Playground Music Scandinavia AB. See under Contact.

Excerpts from the Series:

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